Decoflame is a PIONEER of the bioethanol fireplace. It is actually the very first company to design/manufacture AND to be certified by the very strict ULC (Canada) & UL (North-America) standards and also complies with the European standards. After 1-year of intensive Research & Development, our High-Tech fireplaces have undergone 22 tests in order to obtain the renowned ULC-UL certifications.

Our wall-mounted stainless steel fireplaces are easy to install on any type of surface. The bioethanol environmental combustion allows a flame that will burn without any odor or smoke and by simply adjusting the intensity of the flame it will enable you to create a soft warmth to obtain the desired ambience.

Our fireplaces: are very low maintenance, do not require a chimney, are without emission/pollution, do not require wood logs, are maintained by a renewable and environmental energy source (for further information about  bioethanol properties, please view the «benefits» section.

All our Decoflame fireplaces come with a 1-year unlimited warranty.


A bioethanol fireplace offers an average of $1 - $1,20/hr combustion. It allows a more economic consumption in comparison to the ecological logs that cost around 1,50$/hr. (which represents $0.50 more per hour than our bioethanol fireplace); what a great eco…logical saving!

Furthermore, with our bioethanol fireplace you will enjoy the pleasure of an inside fire without the disadvantages of a traditional fireplace, such as the duct, chimney sweeping, the ash residue, the dust, the smoke, the wood logs and storage. Moreover, there are NO WORRIES and NO HEAT LOSS : simply impeccable environmental warmth, what a great added value!

Did you know that a traditional fireplace has a heat loss of 60-70%... However, our bioethanol fireplaces burn up to 98.6% and they do not require a chimney. This represents a 100% effectiveness and because there are no emissions created there is 0% health hazard.

1.4 L. of bioethanol can create about 7 kW, which is sufficient to heat a 450 square ft room in only a few minutes. Very fast lighting or extinguishing, no need to supervise the flames. It’s up to you to decide when to light it or extinguish it. Just as simple as that!

In a few words, here are the benefits of our bioethanol fireplaces…

No duct – great heating capacity – no chimney sweeping – no ashes - no dust – portable – designed to hang – scentless – radiant heat – the pleasure of a fire; genuine flames – easy adjustment in lighting and extinguishing  the flames – security burner – no wood storage – NO paper or wood for lighting – environmentally friendly – not harmful to your health; NO carbon monoxide – NO gas, no electricity – easy to use – very aesthetic – specific eco ethanol (beet alcohol) – NO chimney required – very low maintenance – function even in a power outage - energy saving – flawless - renewable and clean energy.


Benefits of using bioethanol

The bioethanol that feeds the flame of the fireplace  belongs to a sustainable energy source. It is an alcohol from biological & agrarian origins obtained by fermentation, distillation and dehydration of sugars from raw materials.

Bioethanol is a biological & environmental fuel, produced from cereals (sugar beets, corn, colza or sugar cane) and distilled until a pure alcohol is obtained. It creates a clean combustion that radiates heat.

Nowadays, the bioethanol offers the best performance and quality with high security for a domestic use.

A NATURAL FLAME with the bioethanol

The contemporary stainless steel fireplaces offer a genuine flame, which can be adjusted to enhance your decor. The flame creates atmosphere and produces soft warmth. The bioethanol that we use is made of corn and beet, therefore it produces an orange flame. The combustion of the ethanol creates steam and carbon dioxide, which makes it a smart environmental choice, especially in cities. The odors and the creosotes of the traditional fireplaces are avoided.

The benefits of the environmental fireplace are numerous. The flame burns scentless, without smoke; creating nice warmth and its intensity is adjustable to create the perfect ambience. The hanging fireplaces are easy to install on any surfaces.
Our bioetanol is approved

The radiant warmth of a traditional open chimney spreads horizontally (hot on the front and cold behind). The chimney contributes to a heat loss of  60 to 70%.

The environmental heating of bioethanol without a flue retrieves 98.6% of the produced heat. The hot air goes up and acts like a rubber bullet, bouncing on the walls and ceiling, blending itself with the surrounding air.

Efficient : the effectiveness in the heating is due to the fact that it is not connected to an outside duct. The chimney produces very low radiance but tremendous convection.

Safe & respects the environment : our fireplaces were studied to avoid  smoke, odors and CO² emissions. They do not require any installation or work, they are safe and highly respect the environment.

Cleanliness : without smoke; no duct is required. It does not produce any ash or dust, therefore no cleaning or maintenance.

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ULC is a Canadian brand and renowned nationally for many specific products’ categories, including building & construction materials, security and fire suppression, etc. The Canadian ULC certification is the strictest norm in the market and is acknowledged internationally.

UL is the most recognized and respected brand in America for conformity & evaluation. This brand is typical for the domestic appliances, computer products, heating apparatuses, fuses, electrical panels, smoke & carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers & jets, life jackets, anti-bullets glass and thousands of other products.